We use soft fabrics in mostly pinks, blues and white. We have chosen to avoid children’s “fun prints” as we believe the soft, subtle colors are more appropriate for the occasion. The clothing is made to be used only once. They are not designed for repeated washing or daily wear. Therefore, the garments are not intended for living babies.

Nurses at one of our local hospitals requested a gown which was simple and easy to dress a stillborn child. This was the inspiration behind the creation of the kimono gown. Immediately after the birth the nurses can dress the baby in the gown and little stocking cap, then wrap the baby in the blanket before taking the infant to the parents.

Our original idea was that the parents could take the kimono gown home as a keepsake and choose one of the other outfits as a burial garment. We wanted to give the parents an opportunity to choose something they liked. This was the idea behind creating the other four styles.

angelSince the first clothing was sewn in 1997 and placed in our local hospitals, all styles in all sizes have been used repeatedly. We thank God for the talent that went into designing these outfits and the faithful people who have helped make them. Our ministry was further blessed by all the people who donated money, supplies, gift boxes and the printing of our patterns.

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Diana's Angels Project Clothing

Our members sew four different styles of garments in five sizes from xx-small up to sizes fitting full term babies. We sew bonnets and stocking caps for head coverings.

A pair of booties (as needed) and a blanket are included with each outfit. The blankets and booties are also made in various sizes for a better, neater fit.

Clothing Designs by Rebecca McBurney

We'd love to hear from people and groups who have been involved the Diana's Angels Project ministry around the country. If you have stories to share, questions or would like more information about Diana's Angels Project, please connect with Patricia.

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